We Joined to Win Eurasia Fair

We joined in the  WIN EURASIA fair  İstanbul exhibition center whic organized every year and taking  place the most biggest industriyalist and most brands between 14-17 marc

We have produced and introduced  first MADE IN TURKEY products for being local and national by use Hyundai  superior technology  and quality.

We have achieved to introductionf of product with MS Soyoung  Park and MR Jeong Deong Jine from HYUNDAİ ELECTRİC

The first products whic we produced that MCB,MC and some of the MCCB.

We would like to announce that it is continues rapid growth,also thansk alot to MS Soyoung Park and MR Jeong Dong Jine  from Hyundai Electric,all our agents and our staff and  all visitors.

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